Discover the Starlink Gen3 Router: Boosting Your UK Internet Experience

In today’s connected world, having reliable and speedy internet is a must. Starlink’s latest innovation, the Gen3 router, is here to transform your internet experience in the UK. This new device promises to elevate your connectivity with enhanced features and performance. Let’s dive into what makes the Starlink Gen3 router a game-changer and why it’s worth considering for your home.

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Meet the Starlink Gen3 Router

The Starlink Gen3 router is the newest addition to Starlink’s satellite internet technology, packed with features designed to provide faster and more reliable internet. It’s not just a router; it’s a gateway to better online experiences. Here’s why the Gen3 router stands out:

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi 6 Support: This advanced wireless technology offers faster speeds and improved efficiency, especially in households with multiple devices.
  • Tri-Band Radios: With two 5 GHz radios and one 2.4 GHz radio, the Gen3 router can handle data on three different bands simultaneously, reducing congestion and boosting performance.
  • Extended Range: The router covers up to 300 square metres, perfect for larger homes or properties with extensive indoor and outdoor areas.
  • High Device Capacity: It supports up to 235 devices, far exceeding the previous generation’s 128-device limit.
  • Ethernet Ports: Two Ethernet ports provide additional connectivity options for wired devices.

Starlink Gen3 vs. Gen2: What’s New?

If you’re already familiar with the Gen2 router, you might be wondering how the Gen3 router stacks up. Here’s a quick comparison to highlight the improvements:

Performance and Coverage

  • Speed and Efficiency: The Gen3 router’s Wi-Fi 6 and tri-band technology offer superior speed and performance compared to the Gen2 router. This means smoother streaming, faster downloads, and a more responsive online experience.
  • Design and Setup: The Gen3 router features a sleek, modern design and a user-friendly setup process via the Starlink app. The Gen2 router’s design is more utilitarian, and its setup can be more cumbersome.
  • Device Handling: With the ability to support up to 235 devices, the Gen3 router is ideal for smart homes with numerous connected devices. The Gen2 router supports fewer devices and might struggle in more tech-heavy households.

Why Upgrade to the Starlink Gen3 Router?

Upgrading to the Gen3 router brings several benefits that can enhance your daily online activities. Here’s why you should consider making the switch:

Enhanced Connectivity

With Wi-Fi 6 and tri-band capabilities, the Gen3 router ensures faster and more stable connections, even in busy households. Whether you’re working from home, streaming high-definition videos, or gaming online, you’ll notice the difference.

Improved Coverage

The Gen3 router’s extended range means fewer dead zones in your home. It’s designed to cover large areas, making it a great fit for big houses or properties with multiple floors.

Greater Device Support

If your home is filled with smart devices, the Gen3 router can handle them all effortlessly. From smartphones and laptops to smart home gadgets, this router keeps everything running smoothly.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Starlink Gen3 Router

To maximise your experience with the Gen3 router, keep these tips in mind:

  • Optimal Placement: Position your router in a central location with minimal obstructions to maximise signal strength.
  • Regular Updates: Check for firmware updates through the Starlink app to keep your router running efficiently.
  • Use Mesh Nodes: If you have a large home or experience dead zones, consider adding Starlink mesh nodes to extend your network coverage.
  • Monitor Network Performance: Use the Starlink app to track your network’s performance and make adjustments as needed.


What is the Starlink Gen3 router?
The Starlink Gen3 router is the latest router from Starlink, featuring Wi-Fi 6 support, tri-band radios, and the ability to support up to 235 devices.
How does the Gen3 router improve upon the Gen2?
The Gen3 router offers faster speeds, better coverage, and higher device capacity than the Gen2. It also has a modern design and improved setup process.
Why should I upgrade to the Gen3 router?
Upgrading to the Gen3 router provides enhanced connectivity, improved coverage, and greater device support, making it ideal for modern households.
How do I set up the Starlink Gen3 router?
Setup involves connecting the Gen3 router to the Starlink dish via the Gen2 router in bypass mode, with detailed instructions available through the Starlink app.
Can the Gen3 router be used as a mesh node?
Yes, the Gen3 router can function as a mesh node, extending your network’s coverage area.

Embrace the Future of Connectivity

The Starlink Gen3 router is designed to meet the demands of today’s digital lifestyle. With its advanced features and improved performance, it’s a worthwhile upgrade for anyone looking to enhance their internet experience in the UK. Keep an eye out for its availability and get ready to enjoy seamless, high-speed connectivity like never before.


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